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If you are not sure what to order or if you have questions, please feel free to give us a call: 480.430.8033  Monday-Friday 8:00 -5:00 AZ Time

Note: Not all of our kits are on the online ordering site. Please call us if you don't see what you are looking for.

Universal 4 Barrel Square bore Propane Kit without Tank Brackets

Holley 4 Barrel Propane Conversion Kit without Tank Brackets

Our 4 barrel propane conversion kits will fit any engine with a square bore intake pattern. This would be most any aftermarket intake manifold for Ford, Chevy, AMC, Dodge, etc. This is the same pattern as an Edelbrock or Holley carb. This is the kit recommended for all V6 and V8 engines. These kits are perfect on stock motors as well as engines producing up to a continuous 420hp.

  The picture shows a top view of the propane carburetor on an engine without an air filter installed. You re-use your old air filter as it will bolt right on. This kit includes a brand new high performance billet throttle plate assembly and silicone mixer upgrades! These are all new IMPCO Carburetors and Regulators! This bolts on in place of your existing carburetor and is already set up for your vacuum advance. This kit includes everything you'll need to do it right the first time and has been upgraded internally from rubber to silicone parts, at least tripling the service life!

These kits are designed for vehicle use and offer excellent low to high range operation. These kits run extremely strong, and in many cases the engine makes more power. This kit bolts on in about 3 hours for the average DIY mechanic. Look for this kit to make a dramatic difference on your vehicle’s drivability and performance. This setup is extremely easy to tune and keeps it's tune maintenance free for many years at a time!

It works perfectly on stock and modified engines up to 420 H.P. motors as well.

This kit is street legal as long as your local emissions laws allow it.

Beware of "cheaper" kits that do not have throttle plates and other important parts necessary to complete the project. Our pricing also reflects the silicone upgrades to the mixers. This is very important. We pre-assemble these as well as make some pre adjustments. We also add in the vacuum advance line so you can’t get it wrong. This ensures that things are right from the start!

Additional Fuel Line
Emergency BBQ Bottle Adapter
with (add $35.00)

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